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Mail In - 1 Year

Download the membership application HERE

Send it, along with your dues and a copy of your Amateur Radio License if you are a new member or have recently upgraded. The Membership Chairperson will annotate it for renewal after he has a copy of the application on file. If you are sure that you have completed one of these forms, we will not require a new one. (We would appreciate your taking time to complete one anyhow so we can check our database, particularly for ARRL membership and license expiration.) If you are not sure, fill out an application, include your dues, and a copy of your Amateur Radio License.


We do not plan, nor has it been the custom of the Rochester Radio Repeater Association, Inc. to send renewal notices to the membership by mail. We send all renewal notices by email. We depend on the reminders posted on this website, and announced at our meetings, on K2RRA/R, and the RRRA-Announce mailing list for membership renewals.

Annual dues are only $10 plus a $5.00 expense surcharge, additional family members are only $1 each.

Download the membership application HERE

Duration: 1 Year
Price: Free