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Currently, the RRRA owned repeater system is K2RRA/R and our affiliates are N2HJD/R (aka: The Megaplex) and W1YX/R.


The K2RRA/R repeaters are owned and operated by RRRA, with its trustee being Bob Odell, N2BZX.  They operate on the frequency 146.88 MHz with a -600 kHz offset, 442.70 with a +5Kc offset, and both require a 110.9 Hz PL tone.  It is the only non-profit owned repeater system in the Rochester area.  K2RRA/R's VHF repeater, affectionately known as "88", has been on the air under different callsigns for decades.

N2HJD/R (Megaplex)

The Megaplex, owned by Bob Shewell, consists of thirteen repeaters on these bands: 10 M, 6 M, 2 M, 222 MHz, 440 MHz, and 1.2 GHz.  It has been growing since May 1988. There is also Both IRLP and Echolink VOIP connectivity.


The W1YX/R repeater is owned and operated by Brad Armstrong.  It operates on a frequency of 147.18 MHz with a +600 kHz offset and 110.9 Hz PL tone.  (official website)


The K2FRD/R repeater is owned and operated by Don Edwards. It is a DMR repeater operating on 443.60 with a +5Kc offset