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Revised rules as of 8/13/2017

No campfires or open burns (cooking grills Allowed but not during the event 6 am to 5 pm -/+)
No sales of food or beverages will be allowed
(Vendors selling preparedness supply foods and beverages okay)
No power, water or sewer hookups available to camping guests
Please obey all local/ state laws including local noise ordinances
No flying of any drones or similar devices
Small quiet generators are okay
Restrooms onsite w/running water
All garbage is carry in carry out (no boat anchors!)

Also Going on:

Barnard Fire Department Preparedness Expo 

RRRA Club Owned Repeaters
Call: K2RRA

2 Meter System

Frequency: 146.88 MHz (- offset)
Primary Repeater Location: 111 Westfall Rd. (110.9 PL capable)
Backup Repeater Location: Cobbs Hill (110.9 PL)
Voting Receivers for Primary repeater: Cobbs Hill (110.9 PL), Stone Rd. (110.9 PL), Portable (110.9 PL)
Coverage: HT throughout most of Monroe County Note:The only non-profit owned repeater system in Rochester with a full standby backup.


70 Centimeter System

Frequency: 442.70 MHz (+ offset) (110.9 PL)
Repeater location: Plank Rd. & 5 Mile Line Rd.
Coverage: Northeastern Monroe County and Northwestern Wayne County
Note: RACES affiliated. Activated during Ginna Nuclear Power Plant drills and emergencies



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