New York ( Rochester )- August 19, 2017, RRRA Hamfest at Barnard is over. Hope everyone enjoyed the event. Hopefully we will be able to have a 2018 hamfest. The RRRA board will keep you informed.

Printable PDF HERE

evised rules as of 8/13/2017

No campfires or open burns (cooking grills Allowed but not during the event 6 am to 5 pm -/+)
No sales of food or beverages will be allowed
(Vendors selling preparedness supply foods and beverages okay)
No power, water or sewer hookups available to camping guests
Please obey all local/ state laws including local noise ordinances
No flying of any drones or similar devices
Small quiet generators are okay
Restrooms onsite w/running water
All garbage is carry in carry out (no boat anchors!)

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Barnard Fire Department Preparedness Expo